Results and Reports

Results are available here in both normal format and by split times. Winsplits data are given also as well as the overall Croeso scores (best 4 of 5 days to count). Results and rankings points are now finalised and are on the BOF website here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

RouteGadget will also be available for each race day and we'd appreciate it if as many runners as possible added their routes after their runs. If you've not done this before and are not sure of how to add a route to RouteGadget, a simple video tutorial on the RouteGadget home page explains how.

RouteGadget Day 1
RouteGadget Day 2
RouteGadget Day 3
RouteGadget Day 4
RouteGadget Day 5

SplitsBrowser is available by opening the RouteGadget link as above and selecting the SplitsBrowser button from the tools displayed at the top right:-

Reports from a selection of officials appear below:-

Day1/2 Controller's report
Day 1 Organiser's report
Day 2 Organiser's report
Day 3 Organiser's report
Day 4 Organiser's report
Day 5 Planner's report
Day 5 Organiser's report