Competition information

Note that this page contains information which is also published in the final details. Additional/late information not in the final details is given in red.

Individual day competition details: are here

Registration details: All pre-entered competitors must pick up their race number (bib) before competing. These will be available on “washing lines” from outside Enquiries and will be in alphabetical order of competitors’ surnames. The event programme will also be available near the bibs for collection. They will not be sent out beforehand.

Enquiries Opening Times:-
Day 1, Sun: 09:30 – 16:30
Day 2, Mon: 08:30 – 15:30
Day 3, Tues: 08:30 – 16:00
Day 4, Thurs: 08:30 – 16:00
Day 5, Fri: 08:30 – 15:30

Entry on the day: Entry on the day (EOD) will be possible for colour-coded courses: White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green. A limited number of EOD for Age Classes will be available on each course depending on map availability .

Map Scales: The map scale for all competitors will be 1:10000 with 2.5 metre contours on Days 1 and 2 and 5 metre contours for the remaining Days. The maps will be printed on waterproof paper.
Full legends will not be printed on maps, but copies of the legends used are available by clicking here to download Simon Errington's summary of orienteering map symbols.

Map sizes: The paper sizes being used for Croeso competition maps each day are as follows.Day 1 Courses 1  - 5: A3 (slightly trimmed); Courses 6 - 15: A4
Day 2 All courses: A4
Day 3 Courses 1 - 7: A3: Courses 8 - 15: A4
Day 4 All courses: A3
Day 5 All courses: A3 (trimmed to 387mm x 290mm)

Embargo:  Competitors must not enter any of the terrains until the competition is over. In the case of Kenfig (Days 1 and 2), this means that no competitor can go into the dune area until the Day 2 competition has ended, apart from for the purpose of competing on their course(s).

Control Descriptions: All age classes and colour-coded courses will use IOF pictorial control description. These will be printed on the map. Loose copies will be available on waterproof paper, in the -3 box at the start.
NB the "which feature" entry into Column C of the control descriptions sheet has only been used where two or more features might realistically be confused. If, say, one crag is in the centre of the circle and another is near the edge of the circle, the description will just be "crag" and not "NE crag".
Click here to download Simon Errington's summary of IOF pictorial control descriptions and what they mean.

Electronic Punching: The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used, and all versions of SI card are accepted.

Competitor Bibs: Bibs will be available for collection at the training day and from next to Enquiries on each competition day. Pins will be provided. Please fill in the medical and emergency contact details on the reverse of the bib.
The bibs will show your start time each day as well as which course and Start you are on. Please note these may well be different for each day. So remember to check before you go to your start.
They must be worn each day and you will not be allowed to start if you are not wearing your allocated bib. If you lose or forget you bib, please visit Enquiries to get a replacement before you go the Start.

Start Times: Starts are from 10:30 to 14:00 (11.30 to 15:00 on Day 1), with punching starts. People arriving early will wait for the allocated start time. There will be a 5 minute call up prior to your start time. Start times have been allocated in start blocks to try to provide a fair spread of early, middle, late, start times for individuals across the five days. Start list can be seen here – [link to Fabian4]

Clear boxes: Please ensure your SI card is cleared before you start. Clear boxes will be found in the Pre-Start area adjacent to the Start.

Start procedure: Pre-entered competitors will be called up 5 minutes in advance of their assigned start time. There will be a SI-card and whistle (for M/W18 and below) check at -4 minutes, loose descriptions available at -3, maps for inspection at -2 and final countdown from -1. A punching start will be in force so it is imperative that all competitors remember to punch before picking up their map. Maps will be placed under marked boxes in front of the Start lanes.

Late Starts: Please make every effort to make your allocated start time. Competitors who are late for their allocated Start Time should report to the Late Start official in the Start Area. They will be passed through the start procedure as swiftly as possible and will be allowed to start at the next available 30 second slot, without interfering with other competitors.

Split Starts: Parents who have requested to have split starts should see here for more details.

Pre-Start Map Viewing: Courses 14/ Yellow & 15/White will be able to view a map of their course in the pre start area. They will then proceed through the Start lanes with all other competitors. For competitors on all other courses, blank maps will be available to view in the start lanes.

Walls and fences: Some walls and fences are shown with an overprinted purple line. These MUST NOT be crossed except at marked crossing points.

Finish and Download: The finish each day is in the Arena. You MUST always report to Download, even if you do not complete your course. Maps will not be collected at the finish. Please do not show your map to those who are still to run.

Results: Results will be posted on display boards near to the main marquee.

Course closing times: 15.30 on Days 2 & 5, 16.00 on Days 3 & 4 and 16.30 on Day 1.

Assistance to junior competitors: Help may be provided to younger orienteers or they may run in pairs, provided this is noted at Enquiries so that the they can be designated ‘non-competitive’

Shadowing Children: We must ensure that the competition is fair to everyone. Shadowing of children is only allowed on colour-coded courses. No shadowing will be allowed before the shadower has had their own run.

Courses 14 and 15: On certain days, because of the absence of distinct paths these courses may follow banks, streams and fences. Where these features are indistinct competitors will be assisted by a Smiley Face if they have taken a correct route and Sad Face if they need to return to a control and choose an alternative direction . Courses may also contain taped routes marked with red and white tape. See the Final Details to find out which days are affected by this.

String Course: There will be a string course each day which will use SI punching. Download will be separate from the main day event download. There will be a small prize each day for completing the string course.

Dogs: Well-behaved dogs on leads will be welcome in the arenas on Days 1, 2, 3 and 5 but cannot be out on the courses on any day. On Day 4, dogs are allowed on the buses and at the Arena but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Whistles: For your own safety you are strongly recommended to carry a whistle for emergency use while competing. These will be compulsory for all juniors – M/W 18 and below.

Clothing: The torso must be covered (sleeveless tops are acceptable) and legs must be covered unless the Day Organiser displays notices stating that the wearing of shorts is allowed.

Weather-proof clothing: Notices will be placed in the Assembly Area should the carrying or wearing of weather proof clothing (cagoules or similar) be made compulsory for any day’s competition if conditions are poor. This will be strictly enforced - you will not be allowed to start without the required clothing.

Club Tents: may be left (at own risk) overnight at Kenfig for Days 1 and 2. Also any Club Tents left at Marquee at end of the day, will be transported to Arena fr the next day.

Photography and Head Cams: please see advice published on July 22nd. This supersedes information given previously, including in the Final Details.

Rubbish: Please take all your rubbish away with you.

Scoring system: A par time is determined for each day’s event calculated as the average time of the top 50% of the number starting each course. Each competitor will be allocated points for the days they complete calculated by comparing their time for that day against that day’s par time. The sum of the best four point scores (out of a maximum of five) for each runner give their total for the week.
Full details here.

UK Orienteering League: Days 1 and 2 count towards the UK Orienteering League 2016.

Complaints, Protests and Appeals: Complaints should be made to the Day Organiser either orally or in writing. Complaint forms will be available from Enquiries. The Organiser is the adjudicator. A protest can be made against the Organiser’s decision, in writing to the Controller. Protests and appeals will be handled under Rule 16 of the 2014 British Orienteering Rules together with the relevant sections of Appendix A.

First Aid: This is being provided by Merlin First Aid and will be found in the Assembly Area until courses close during each event.

General Safety Information:

  • There is an obligation to help injured competitors if you come across them when competing
  • Be alert for ticks, check for after running.
  • Do not run if you do not feel well. It is your responsibility to be able to compete safely.

Water: There are no drinks stations on the courses and there will be no water at the finish. Competitors should hydrate before their run. Rubbish sacks will be available in the Pre Start area for your empty water bottles.

Prize giving: This will be held straight after Day 5’s competition, in the Arena. There are Prizes for the top 3 in the A and L courses and for the winner in the S, V and B classes .

Medical Information: is given here