Mynydd Llangynidr

Day 4 - Thursday July 28th - Long Distance
Organising Club: MWOC
Planner: Marcus Pinker (FVO)
Organiser: Mike Kay (MWOC)
Controller: Roger Stein (SBOC)
Parking to Arena: up to 40 mins
Arena to Start: 1 km (15 - 20 mins)
Finish to Arena: Adjacent
Car Park turn-off GR: SO122102; 51.7845,-3.2734

Travel and Parking (via Bus Shuttle to the Arena): Approach from either direction on the A465 Heads of the Valleys road to the A4048 Tredegar junction. From there turn South and follow the Brown (tourist information) road signs to Parc Bryn Bach. Turn left into the entrance to the Parc (SO122102). Immediately inside turn right and follow the orienteering signs to the parking area (200m). There may be some queueing because the bus shuttle turn round / pick up space is at the beginning of the parking area. Please follow marshalling directions onwards to the parking.

From the parking, please queue as directed for the bus shuttle to the Arena.

At Trefil, from the drop off point, there is a short walk to the Arena, keeping to the left side of the road. Timings for the various parts of the travel follow:-

Parking to shuttle bus stop: up to 15 mins
Queuing for bus: up to 10 mins
Bus journey: (4.5 km) 10 mins
Drop off to Arena: (400 m uphill) 5 mins

First bus from Park Bryn Bach to Trefil arena: 08:30
Last bus from Trefil: 17:00

NB Please follow marshalling helpers’ guidance at all times.

ŸThere should be at least 8 buses per hour and the shuttle will continue throughout the day for the return journey to Parc Bryn Bach.

ŸThere are extensive roadworks on the A465 West of Abergavenny.

Arena: see arena layout diagram

Start: is 1 km from the Arena, allow 15 to 20 minutes, not suitable for buggies (marshy and with a ditch)

Map: 1:10000 scale with 5 m contour interval.

String course: will be open from 10:30 until 14:30. See arena plan for its location.

Other information: A short walk away from the parking, there is a cafe and facilities by the lake. Go 200m the other way from the entrance of the Parc to get there.

ŸThe Arena is on a slightly sloping, rough, very exposed field with space for club tents, and suitable for good push-chairs.

ŸDogs are allowed on the buses and at the Arena but must be kept on a lead at all times

Terrain: Mynydd Llangynidr consists of open limestone uplands lying between 420 m and 550 m above sea level. There are numerous depressions, sink holes and pits. The smallest mapped pits are about 2 metres across.
In addition:
• there are areas of stony ground that are slow and difficult to cross.
• there are 2 quarries on the map (one active and one old) that are outside of the area being used. The only fence on the area is around the active quarry (so there is no need to cross it).
• there are numerous small, indistinct sheep / animal tracks, not shown on the map, that can offer better running.
• there are no trees.
• the indistinct paths that are on the map are from quad bikes.

Special symbol: a black circle o indicating a small sheepfold (stone walled enclosure), several of which are used for controls sites.

Courses: some of the junior courses follow a network of streams and ditches, these can be hard at times to see and will be taped in places

Safety Information: Safety Bearing - to the West, until you either hit the quarry fence, old quarry or the quarry road, from there it is South to get to the arena.

  • ŸThe area is exposed to winds. You should be prepared for severe weather including poor visibility. Carrying weather-proof clothing may be compulsory and if so, notices will be posted at the Parking bus queue and at the Arena on the way to the Start.
  • As per the programme, the torso and legs must be covered unless the Day Organiser displays notices stating that the wearing of shorts is allowed. Vests are acceptable. Notices will be placed in the Assembly Area should the carrying or wearing of weather proof clothing (cagoules or similar) be made compulsory for any day’s competition. You will not be allowed to start without the required clothing. This supersedes the previous notice on this page.
  • ŸŸThere will be sheep and horses on the competition area. There are foals with some of the horses. They are best avoided, ignored and not approached.
  • Because of the possible presence of horses, string course entrants to be chaperoned / shadowed at all times.
  • There are several depressions to the south of the arena which contain rubbish and they will be taped off.

General Information: The area lies to the south of the Usk valley and is the location of the Chartists's cave (see photo below). Arguably one of Wales' most important historic monuments, this cave is where workers hid, met in secret and plotted the Chartist Uprising - the beginning of democracy for all in Britain. A BBC Wales broadcast from 2010 gives good background to the area: part 1 is no longer available but part 2 is here.

Chartists Cave

Llangynidr arena