Margam Forest North

Day 3 - Tuesday July 26th - Long Distance
Organising Club: SWOC
Planners: Clare Dallimore (SWOC)
                   Annemieke Silk (SWOC)
Organiser: Neil Grant (SWOC)
Controller: Alice Bedwell (BOK)
Parking to Arena: 5 mins to 20 mins (up to 2 km)
Arena to Near Start: 5 mins
Arena to Far Start: 15 mins
Finish to Arena: adjacent

Travel: All vehicles must approach from Maesteg. You will not be able to turn right into the forest at Bryn and there are no turning places nearby. Please follow instructions not SatNav! Just to encourage this, we are not publishing SatNav co-ordinates for the turn-off point ...

For most people they should go to J36 on the M4 (Sarn Services) and then follow the A4063 to Maesteg. Continue to the crossroads with traffic lights in the centre of Maesteg (King Alfred pub and Bowrington Arcade) and turn uphill on the B4282. Follow this to Bryn and turn left at the Royal Oak.

No exit before 12:30

Parking: Parking is on forest roads and is limited so please share cars wherever possible. Follow the directions of the marshals so that you are parked as quickly and closely as possible. Cars will be turned before parking. Do not park before you are directed to do so. Club tents may be dropped by the turning point marked T1, (Look out for the sign) for collection after parking, as long as this can be done without unduly holding up others. Please take care when passing people walking to the assembly area.

Grid Reference: (Arena) SS818908

Arena: Toilets, kit suppliers, catering and enquiries etc are adjacent to the Finish. There is space for spectators to view the run in and space for club tents above the Finish. Insect repellent may be necessary.

Near Start (courses 8 - 15): is close, a leisurely 5 minute walk (300 m) from the arena

Far Start (courses 1 - 7):  is an equally leisurely 15 minutes walk (1 km) from the arena or 10 minutes from T1. All walking on forest roads.

Map: The map is brand new at 1:10000 scale, surveyed and drawn by Dave Peel and based on a LIDAR survey.

Terrain: This is a varied forest with some dense coniferous as well as spaced deciduous woods. Running is generally better than you may expect but there are many steep slopes.

The area is crossed by a construction road for a wind farm. Longer courses will cross this twice by timed out and manned crossings please comply with all instructions.

String Course: This will be available by the finish.

Colour Coded: Register at the enquiries and download marquee.

Leaving: When leaving it is possible to exit onto the B4282 either to the East or West.

General information and photos:

Then map will be brand new, surveyed and drawn by Dave Peel and based on a LIDAR survey. Two extracts are shown above. Dave reports on his Facebook page that it is "a complete contrast to Kenfig. Some wonderful deciduous woodland in a patchwork of plantation forest. Big hills and steep valleys add to the mix."