Daily Update - 23rd July

Three years of planning was not wasted as far as the weather was concerned on Day 1. We hope you enjoyed the event, and that you would want big thanks to go to Planner Katy Dyer (BOK), Day Organisers Mair Tomos and Sue Norris, plus their splendid teams of helpers from clubs Eryri and DEE, and controller Mark Dyer (BOK).

Some matters that cropped up during the day

DOWNLOAD - one M14 failed to report to download. Since it was known that this person was not travelling alone, no decision was made to search the area. People failing to download create these difficult decisions for organisers, and potentially create an awful lot of work for people who are already working their hearts out for the sake of everybody. We will not name and shame here, since the competitor is a junior, but ...


SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED. A control was apparently vandalised ... and, unbelievably, by an orienteer. Orienteering is supposed to provide a rest from things like CCTV systems for prevention of antisocial behaviour. But if you saw anything that will help us with our enquiries, or if you know of a more innocent explanation, we’ll be VERY grateful if you can let us know.

BODY AND LEG COVER AND TICKS: Unless there are signs to say otherwise please note that full leg and body cover are necessary.

One reason for this is the presence of TICKS that can carry Lyme Disease.

More About Ticks
All competitors are strongly advised to to check your skin, after each day, for the presence of ticks. Lyme Disease is carried by the ticks, and is extremely unpleasant - involving pain, behaviour disorders, and more. If a rash develops around a bite in the following days and weeks then seek medical help urgently.

A Recommendation
On the way back from the event today, Monday, if you would like to walk amongst sand dunes and along a vast area of sand (at low tide, which tomorrow is at about 6pm) then we recommend the Ynys Las Reserve. There is also a small visitor centre. Head towards Borth (from Tre’r Ddol) and turn right at the bungalows at Ynys Las turn.

DAY 3: Given the improvement in the weather it seems particularly unfortunate that permission for use of the field next to the Day 3 Assembly Area has been withdrawn. But that is the situation. For the majority of competitors, parking on forest track at The Arch, please allow at least 45 minutes to reach the Assembly Area from your parking location.

After the event, the Miner’s Arms tavern on Pontrhydygroes have told us that, though they are normally open evenings only, they will be open for food and drink on Tuesday lunchtime. If they fail in that or if they are full, there are alternative eateries in Devil’s Bridge.

On Campus
Please feel free to look around the Arts Centre at the University, with bookshop, extra eating places and bar, cinema, exhibitions ... and to use the Brynamlwg campus tavern (off Cefn Llan, opposite Penglais School and the campsite).

We are sorry that the computer failure at the Sports Centre caused some problems on Saturday. These should now be resolved, but please let us know of any continuing problems. If you have pre-booked please call at the sports centre to collect you pass, and if you would like to book now then please call at enquiries and pay £10.

Social programme
SOCIAL PROGRAMME CANCELLATION, WEDNESDAY: Andy Kirkpatrick has been in touch to say he can’t now join us for his planned talk, Psychovertical, on Wednesday Evening. He wants us to pass on his apologies for any disappointment. Refunds for those who have bought tickets are available from enquiries. There are plenty of other talks, plus music and dancing, during the week, so boredom should not be your biggest worry. Tickets are available from Enquiries, for our own programme plus some external attractions such as the Rheidol Steam Railway.