Tributes pour in for a great week

For those who don't read nopesport, here are the comments on Croeso made to date (29/07/2012):

Well, what a fabulous event so far! Getting better by the day.

Agree, so far four superb areas, incredible weather, perfect organisation and highly scenic assembly fields. More: Aberystwyth is once again full of people happily wandering around, looking at photos, gazing at the sky, turning in circles, walking into lampposts, excitedly writing something on a bit of paper, and then scurrying off again. We can see them from our bedroom window. (Clue: these are not the boarding houses you're looking for).

We've had a fantastic week, due partly to the hot sunny weather of course, but mostly thanks to all the hard work of those involved with putting on this great event. Feeling really sad it's the last day tomorrow, in spite of aching legs and sore feet. The uni accommodation and facilities on campus get a big thumbs up as well.

Much thanks to all the organisers for a great 7 days in Wales - superb areas (especially Day 4 and 5 in the sunshine!!), well planned courses, good carparking, brilliant assembly areas on every day and the attention to detail in aspects such as communication and signage made Croeso 2012 a truly memorable event.

It is hard to find fault with anything and the competition has certainly set a very high benchmark for future British multi-day events.

Sunlit Forres:
I wasn't there, but the fast and efficient results service made it easy to keep an eye on those who were. Sounds like a terrific event and I hope that the organising team get the recognition and accolades that they deserve from the local authorities/sports council etc, not just the orienteers.

Must encore the thanks to all the organising team. An amazing week - no rain in Wales Really enjoyed ourselves. Bu now back to reality, awaiting number 2 son and daughter in law so we can get out and eat! It seems a long time ago we were having lunch in the Car Park at the University!

Mrs H:
I can't remember when I enjoyed a holiday event more. Fabulous campsite, never had to queue, never had a cold shower, everything to hand - even a laundrette across the road (my idea of multi-day heaven) Great social programme - more than I could take in, great, varied, scenic and challenging competitions. Loved today at the sprint - and a lot of people tried it for the first time and seemed to love it.

Mind you I'm still scratching my head over the scoring - how do I score more points by coming 3rd than I do when I come 1st?

I will never forget watching the opening ceremony on the big screen in a packed Union Bar - usually I cheer and cry alone - it was great to have so much fellow feeling

The Photo O was utterly fantastic - the absolute epitome of EVO (ed: Extra Value Orienteering)

mister blobs:
I'll add my thanks for a great week of orienteering.
The organisation was great, the courses were varied and we had superb accommodation at the University.
The walks to the start were helped significantly by the countdown markers telling you how far you had to go!
Whatever sacrifices were made to the weather gods worked as well.

Well done to all involved.

Also very much enjoyed the week. Nice mix of events rounded off by a sprinty type urban mix event that tested the tired legs more than enought for day 6! Still trying to work out how we arrived in Wales minus one and two half pairs of shoes - if anyone found a bag of 1 pair and 2 odd shoes anywhere on the way between Scotland and Aberystwyth you know where to find me

Thanks everyone, a great week.

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