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Aberystwyth beach Teifi Pools Red kite

Updated 19th July

Competition details: are here

Registration details: are here. All pre-entered competitors must go to registration before competing in order to collect competition materials. None of these will be sent out beforehand.

Map Scales: The map scale for all competitors will be 1:10000 with 5 metre contours on Days 1 to 5, and 1:4000 with 5 metre contours on Day 6. The maps will be printed on waterproof paper.

Full legends will not be printed on maps, but copies of the legends used are available as follows:

  • Days 1 - 5 (ISOM): Click here to download Simon Errington's summary of orienteering map symbols
  • Day 6 (ISSOM): Click here to download Simon Errington's summary of Sprint/Urban orienteering map symbols

Control Descriptions: All age classes and colour coded courses will use IOF pictorial control description. These will be printed on the map. Loose copies will be available on waterproof paper, in the -3 box at the start.

NB the "which feature" entry into Column C of the control descriptions sheet has only been used where two or more features might realistically be confused. If, say, one crag is in the centre of the circle and another is near the edge of the circle, the description will just be "crag" and not "NE crag".

Click here to download Simon Errington's summary of IOF pictorial control descriptions and what they mean.

Electronic Punching: The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used, and all versions of SI card are accepted.

Clear boxes: Please ensure your SI card is cleared before you start. Clear boxes will be found in the Pre-Start area adjacent to the Start.

Clothing: The torso must be covered. On Days 1 to 5 legs must be covered unless the Day Organiser displays notices stating that the wearing of shorts is allowed. On Day 6 the wearing of shorts is allowed but spiked footwear should not be worn.

Competitor Bibs: These are included in your registration pack. Please check the details for accuracy. They must be worn each day and you will not be allowed to start if you are not wearing your allocated bib. Pins will be provided. Pay particular attention to which start colour has been allocated to you each day as it does differ for some courses on some days.

Start Times: Starts are from 10:00 to 14:00, with punching starts. People arriving early will wait for the allocated start time. People arriving late will be started as soon as possible, but there may be a long wait for a free time-slot and it will be at the start officials’ discretion. There will be a 4 minute call up prior to your start time.

Split Starts: Parents wishing to have split starts should see here for more details.

Pre-Start Map Viewing: Courses 23 & 24 will be able to view a map of their course in the pre start area. They will then proceed as for all other courses. For all other competitors blank maps will be available to view in the start lanes.

Walls and fences: Some walls and fences are shown with an overprinted purple line. These MUST NOT be crossed except at marked crossing points.

Finish and Download: The finish each day is in the Assembly Area. You MUST always report to Download, even if you do not complete your course. Maps will not be collected at the finish. Please do not show your map to those who are still to run.

Course closing times: 16.30 on Days 1, 2, 4 and 5. 16.00 on Days 3 and 6.

Shadowing Children: We must ensure that the competition is fair to everyone. Shadowing of children is only allowed on colour coded courses. No shadowing will be allowed before the shadower has had their own run.

Courses 23 and 24: On certain days, because of the absence of distinct paths these courses may follow banks, streams and fences. Where these features are indistinct competitors will be assisted by a Smiley Face if they have taken a correct route and Sad Face if they need to return to a control and choose an alternative direction. Courses may also contain taped routes marked with red and white tape. See the Final Details to find out which days are affected by this.

String Course: There will be a string course each day which will use SI punching. Download will be separate from the main day event download. There will be a small prize each day for completing the string course.

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed onto the competition area on any day. On days 1 to 5 they are allowed in car parks and must be on leads. Dogs are not allowed on any of the University or local school grounds at any time during the week.  That includes the Day 6 Car Park X at Llanbadarn Campus and the camp site. Permission has been obtained for a separate Day 6 car park where dogs will be allowed, on leads only. Please see Day 6 details for more on this.

Whistles: For your own safety you are strongly recommended to carry a whistle for emergency use while competing.

Weather-proof clothing: Notices will be placed in the Assembly Area should the carrying or wearing of weather proof clothing (cagoules or similar) be made compulsory for any day’s competition if conditions are poor. This will be strictly enforced - you will not be allowed to start without the required clothing.

Scoring system: A par time is determined for each days event calculated as the average time of the top 50% of the number starting each course. Each competitor will be allocated points for the days they complete calculated by comparing their time for that day against that day’s par time. The sum of the best four point scores (out of a maximum of six) for each runner give their total for the week.

Full details here.

UK Masters Cup, UK Cup, and Future Champions Cup: Days 3 and 6 count towards the UK Masters Cup series for all veteran (M/W35+) long courses. Days 3 and 4 count towards the UK Cup and the Future Champions Cup.

Complaints, Protests and Appeals: Complaints should be made to the Day Organiser either orally or in writing. The Organiser is the adjudicator. A protest can be made against the Organiser’s decision, in writing to the Controller. Protests and appeals will be handled under Rule 9 and Appendix G of the 2011 British Orienteering Rules.

First Aid: This is being provided by Merlin First Aid and will be found in the Assembly Area until courses close during each event and also at the Red Start on Day 2.

Water: There are no drinks stations on the courses and there will be no water at the finish. Competitors should hydrate before their run. Rubbish sacks will be available in the Pre Start area for your empty water bottles.

Prize giving: This will be held straight after Day 6’s competition, in the Event Centre.

Medical Information: is given here.

Driving Information: is given here.

Car Parking Information: is given here

Bussing Information: is given here