Split Starts difficulty

Both split start parents may have open starts - but you must alternate 1st and 2nd runs to remain competitive

As you can see from the courses table there are one or two starts on each day. Where there is both a Red and a Blue start, these can be in different directions, and with a significant difference in walk time to each (Red is the far start, Blue is the near).

You will also notice that certain courses use the Red start on some days and Blue starts on others. All this means that it is unlikely that fixed start times allocated to the 1st parent and the children (with the 2nd parent having an open start) would be suitable for all families. Since this is a holiday style event it was thought easier to allocate open starts to both parents, but with any pre-entered children allocated to your club start block. 

However to remain competitive during the week split start parents MUST ALTERNATE the 1st and 2nd runner each day. The SI download team will have a marker against each split start parent, so we can easily identify those that prefer to be non competitive. It is suggested that you write "1st", "2nd", "1st", "2nd", etc on each bib so that you don’t get mixed up with who should be running first on each day.

Open starters should go to the Late Start lane each day.