Aberystwyth beach Teifi Pools Red kite

A BIG thank you to ...

§ The owners of the land over which we run and on which we leave our vehicles

§ The University of Aberystwyth

Day personnel are listed with each day’s details. Other key contributors, giving huge amounts of time, are:

Chair of the Co-ordinating Committee:

David Brodie, POW

Secretary and Enquiries Co-ordination:

Anne May, SLOW


Nigel Ferrand, SWOC

Technical Co-ordinator and Website Manager:

David May, SLOW

Day Organisation Co-ordinators:

Pam and Paul Chamberlain, ERYRI

Event Centre Co-ordinator:

Gabriella Walsh, POW

Social Events Assistant:

Rose Phillips, POW


Phil Jenkins, SBOC, and David Brodie, POW

Permissions and Mapping Liaison:

Robert Griffiths, POW

Competitor Communications:

David Pal, POW


Helena Burrows, LOC

Computing and Online Entries:

Adrian Moir, SWOC, and Fabian4

Entries Secretary:

Judith Powell, SWOC

Training Day:

Megan Carter-Davies (POW) and the WOA Junior Squad


Mike Kay, POW

Road signs:

Clive Thomas,POW

SI unit co-ordination:

Terry Smith, POW

Starts co-ordination:

Dave Urch, BOK, and Eunice Carter, POW

Campsite Manager:

Steve Walsh, POW

Police and Highways Liaison:

Kate O’Sulivan, POW


Caroline Dallimore, SWOC


Richard Barrett, SBOC, Jonathan Rhys, HOC, Alistair Powell, SBOC, Tom Hecht, ERYRI