Croeso Scoring System

The scoring system to be used for Croeso 2012 will be based on that used for Croeso 2008 and also for the 2010 Lakes 5 Day event. Its details are as below:-

  1. A “Par Time” is determined for each day’s event – this is calculated as the average time of the top 50% of the number starting*.
  2. Competitors’ points for a particular day are calculated by comparing their time for that day against that day’s ParTime

The points calculation is simple, namely:-

Points = 1850 – (600 x Time / Par Time)

[The numbers 1850 and 600 are arbitrary and don’t affect final positions in the results; they are chosen to give numerical results similar to those generated by previous multiday rankings systems]


  • Anyone whose times are near Par Time scores around 1250 points
  • A leading runner, say running at 80% of Par Time, will score around 1370 points.
  • A runner at about 40% above ParTime scores around 1000 points.
  • A consistent performance will generate a consistent set of results.
  • To avoid problems with classes which have a small number of competitors, Par Times are based on courses rather than classes.

The sum of the best four points (out of a maximum of six) for each runner give their total for the event.

* The top 50% competitors will have had reasonable runs and so should give a fair measure for comparing one day’s times with those of another day

[NB there are two differences from the 2008 scheme: firstly, points, rather than times, are awarded; secondly, par times are based on course data rather than class data]