We are victims of own success ...

We are victims of our own success. Our available car parking space is filling up. 
Please SHARE wherever possible. If you manage to arrange this then please email Fabian4 to let us know. The cost of unwanted car parking passes will then be refunded.
Better still, use the COACHES from the event centre – you could meet new people, save money, save carbon emissions, and have priority use of the marquee at each assembly area. 
You can use the Fabian4 ad hoc system to change a car parking pass to a coach pass, for just £22. The extra cost, over and above the cost of the parking fee, is much less than the cost of your fuel alone.
Please note that wherever possible we’ll give priority parking, over single and dual occupancy vehicles, to cars with families and M/W70+ competitors.

NB Permits are allocated to the paying competitor, not to a particular car. So those wanting to share transport to individual day events can, if they wish, transfer a permit between cars and travel by different vehicles on different days.