Croeso Feedback


Now that Croeso 2012 is over, it seems a good time to take stock of the programme, the changes which were made for this year and some other aspects of this multiday event.

The purpose of this survey therefore is to enable not just the Croeso organisers, but British Orienteering as a whole, to obtain valuable feedback which should help future organisers of multiday events. Please complete it by the end of August 2012 if you wish your views to be considered.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required to be answered; others are optional.

NB the survey system will accept only two responses per IP address. Three or more people cannot therefore reply using the same machine; the best solution is to reply using PCs on different networks.

David May (Croeso Technical Director)
August 2012

1. Please enter your age class for CROESO 2012 in the box provided (e.g. M55L, W35S) *
2. Please enter your country in the box provided by using the usual three letter abbreviation (e.g. GBR, FIN) *

The next questions refer to the courses for each of the six days and are in the form of (a) a statement to which you should respond by clicking the appropriate button (only one response is allowed) according to whether you agree or disagree with it, followed by (b) an opportunity to add a relevant free response comment.

3. The technical standards of my courses were, overall, about right for me. *
4. Technical standards comment
5. The lengths of my courses were, overall, about right for me. *
6. Course lengths comments
7. The programme was enhanced by the inclusion of the Urban race in Aberystwyth *
8. A future Croeso should retain the programme of four Long Distance races and two Middle Distance races (one of which may be an Urban race) *
9. Programme variety comments

The next questions refer to other aspects of the event and are in the form of statements to which you should respond according to whether you agree or disagree with each one. Please answer by clicking the appropriate button (only one response is allowed per question).

10. The scoring system used at Croeso was a fair way of aggregating the best four results to provide the final overall rank order in each class. *
11. Overall, the distances from the Event Centre to each race day were acceptable *
12. Overall, the walks to the Start were of an acceptable length *
13. Comments on the Event Centre, the Entertainments programme, University accommodation and/or campsite
These final (mostly) free response questions provide a chance to make any further specific relevant comments about the event.
14. Why did you choose to enter Croeso 2012?
15. Any comments on the event website, the entry system and the final details booklet?
16. Any comments on the travel directions, signs and car parking?
17. Overall, Croeso 2012 gave me good value for money. *
18. Any comments on the assembly areas, traders and caterers, mementoes, prize giving and results display?
19. Do you have any suggestions for improving Croeso in the future (the next one is in 2016)?
20. FOR THOSE INVOLVED WITH THE M/W 10/12, WHITE/YELLOW COURSES: No written descriptions were given for these courses; only the standard pictorial descriptions were issued. Did this cause any problems?
21. Any other comments on Croeso 2012?

Please leave the next box blank or your submission will not be accepted: