Courses and entry

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Courses available and how to enter

Age class: A full range of age class courses with Long (L) and Short (S) options. For days 1, 2, 4 and 5, courses will be planned with the following expected winning times (EWT, in minutes):-





      M20L M35L M40L M45L W21L


      M18L M50L M55L W20L W35L W40L M60L W18L W45L W50L W55L


      M16A W16A M65L M70L W60L M75L W65L W70L M80L W75L W80L


      M14A W14A


      M12A W12A


      M10A W10A


      • For days 3 and 6, expected winning times are planned to be in the range 30 to 35 minutes for M/W16 and older.
      • For each senior age class, the Short course is approximately 67% the length of the Long course, e.g. W50S is 67% the length of W50L. There is no change in technical difficulty.
      • Both M21 and W21 have "V" (or Very Short) classes as well as "S" and "L". These classes compete on courses which are approximately 67% shorter than the corresponding Short class course, again with no change in technical difficulty.
      • For each junior age class, the B course is both shorter and technically easier than the corresponding A course.

      Colour Coded: White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green (entry on the day available). These courses are designed for those not competing in the age class competition and provide courses similar to those for the 10B, 10A, 12A and 14A classes respectively.

      String: There will be a free string course each day.

      SPORTident electronic punching will be used.

      Entry Fees

      We would encourage you to enter Croeso 2012 online via Fabian4. Alternatively details of how to enter by post are set out below.

      Daily charge per course Age Class course Colour Coded course
      Senior Junior Senior Junior
      1 August 2011 to 31 January 2012 £13.50 £4.50 £6 £4
      1 February 2012 to 30 April 2012 £14.50 £5.50 £6 £4
      1 May 2012 to 30 June 2012 £15.50 £5.50 £6 £4
      After 1 July 2012 if maps available (online only) £16.50 £5.50 £6 £4

      All days’ discount for age class courses

      If you enter all 6 days of an age class course, a discount of £6 will be applied to all senior entries and a £3 discount to all junior age class entries.The discount will not apply to colour coded courses.

      Split starts

      Both parents wishing to have a split start should tick the “Parent Split Start” box in step 2 of the Fabian4 entry process.The system will verify that there are 2 (or zero) ticks per entry form (i.e. the 2 parents participating in the split).

      Complex split start requests (e.g. involving grandparents too) should be made using the special request box in step 3.The 1st runner on each day will alternate and will have a start time.The 2nd runner will have an open start time.

      Surcharge for competitors who are not National British Orienteering members or Local WOA members.

      All adult UK competitors who are not national members of British Orienteering or local members of the Welsh Orienteering Association will have to pay a surcharge of £2 for each day entered.This surcharge does not apply to overseas competitors, the colour coded courses or to Juniors.

      Changes to your entries

      All changes are free of charge until 30th June.

      From 1st July all class or start time changes will be charged at £5 per competitor, but with a maximum charge of £10 where all competitors requesting a change have entered together on the same entry form. Please make your payment using the Fabian4 Adhoc Payment feature (see the top left of and specify in the reason for payment box the change that you require. Fabian4 will confirm the change after it has been processed.

      All other changes that do not affect your start time (e.g. changing your SI card number) are free of charge and can be performed online up until midnight on Wednesday 18th July.

      All change requests after 18th July should be made to the enquiries team at the event. Class and start time change requests made during the event itself will carry the same charge as above.


      All cancellation requests received by 30th June will be refunded, minus the standard Fabian4 refund administration fee.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds after 30th June.

      Entry on the day

      Entry on the day will be available for all colour coded courses and some age classes depending on map availability.

      SI card Hire

      If you do not have your own SPORTident card you can hire one at a cost of £1 per day.This cost applies to both seniors and juniors.

      Parking Charges and Bussing

      Parking charges will apply on days 1 to 5 for all cars and camper vans. A permit for the week will cost £8 and is "attached" to a person rather than to a specific vehicle - hence it is transferable. If you do not buy a weekly permit a single day’s parking will cost £2. No parking charges apply for day 6.

      If you do not have a full car we would encourage you to consider taking the bus from the event centre to the event each day at a weekly cost of £30 for days 1 to 5 or a daily cost of £7.

      If you are considering bringing a coach you will need to email the Co-ordinator by 31 January 2012 as some of the approach roads are unsuitable for large vehicles and alternative arrangements may need to be made.

      Postal entry

      A paper copy of the entry form is available for download from here, or can be requested by writing to

      Judith Powell,
      22 The Willows,
      NP15 2HB,

      Entries opened on 4th August 2011.