My first impression of Teifi Pools was of an incredibly beautiful area. We discovered it many years ago, when Stuart & I were first living in the Aber area & we would occasionally backpack out there to experience the beautiful wilderness!  When we visited it again last summer I was glad to see it was completely unchanged, and still an amazing area.

Although a wonderful area for orienteering, the success of the day was also dependent upon the parking and assembly arrangements.  Having the wettest spring on record caused us some concern with one of the overflow parking fields being underwater just 3 weeks prior to Croeso.

However, the sun shone, and not a drop of rain was felt all week!  By day 5, the ground had begun to dry out & we were able to revert back to our original parking plan. Thanks to a superb parking team, who nimbly diverted cars to specific areas, it all worked out! 

Highlights of the day included the sight of so many people milling and buzzing around the assembly area, all enjoying themselves and in no hurry to leave.  An early relief was when the first runners started to come into the finish area.  With no communication possible between assembly and the starting teams, I just hoped that I hadn’t forgotten anything vital!  The string course was a fantastic success, brilliant work, Zoe & Fay for organizing & planning it.  It was great to see so many children enjoying it, with one girl running around 9 times!  The wristbands were an inspirational reward!

The perfect weather really made the day, and also the helpfulness of the neighbouring farmers, especially the Owen family who owned the assembly field and land around. They went out of their way to help us with the parking and other arrangements and even patched up the track between days 4 and 5, so that it was ready for the next day. A highlight was seeing the ice cream van crest the top of the track, testament to the successful overnight repair! The success of the days is due largely to the Owen family and it was great to see them enjoying the orienteering on both days.

Thanks to all the teams of workers who made this day possible, working long hours each day of the Croeso week. So many people working together as a team really made this day a success. I’d also like to thank Mark Saunders for his inspirational courses and Charles Daniel for the work he put in.

Final thanks go to Dave Urch from BOK, for all his tireless work in helping and advising me and patiently answering countless emails.  I look forward to orienteering in the area again, hopefully in the near future.

Sarah Rees (POW)