Controversy on Day 4

The results for some competitors at Llynoedd Teifi on Croeso Day 4 have been amended twice as a result of an official Complaint, followed by a subsequent Protest.

The substance of the original Complaint referred to control number 11 on course 12 (M65L, M50S, M55S, M21V), shown on the map extract on the left. A dozen or so competitors on this course had been disqualified through missing the punch at control 11 and at least two verbal Complaints and one written one were made to the Organiser about this.

In their defence, the affected competitors pointed out that (a) the figure 11 was positioned across the purple overprinted uncrossable fence symbol and looked like the usual )( crossing point symbol, and (b) parts of the control circle were cut and the rest was "mixed up with the purple lines of the crossing point adjacent". These competitors were therefore unaware of control 11 on the map.

As a result of this Complaint, the Organisers, mindful of Rule 1.5.1 (The spirit of fairness and good fellowship shall be the guiding principle in all aspects of the sport, including the interpretation of these Rules), issued the following response:

Organisers, planners and controllers look to give people a good experience and are sorry when any runner finishes the course frustrated. Maps should be as clear as possible; clearly (the Complainant) did not find this the case and, as such, we are sorry he has not had a good experience. Controls 10, 11 and 12 were numbered. The control circle was cut to help with clarity in common with other controls.

The Controller and Organiser do not feel it necessary to void the course but, as nobody gained a significant advantage, it is recommended that (all those missing control #11) are reinstated.

Following this decision, an official Protest was made against the reinstatement as those missing #11 had not completed the course correctly and had saved time over those who had stopped to punch correctly. A Jury was then appointed and upheld the Protest:-

The Jury (Mark Dyer, Bob Brandon and Tony Thornley) considered the Protest and agreed that the Organiser was wrong to reinstate the competitors who failed to punch at control 11 on course 12 on Day 4. Rule 6.5.3 states that it is the competitor's responsibility to punch at each control on the course and, although the marking of the control, especially the control number, could have been clearer, it was clear enough to be unambiguous.